Organic Farms Across Northern Vermont

In addition to growing a large selection of the vegetables we use at Provender Farm in Cabot, we also partner with other farmers in the region and at Farmer's Market to bring you the best in fresh, nutrient dense, organic food. Check out the pictures from some of our growers.


Our commitment to a local food-system extends beyond our doorstep to our neighbors and other local and organic producers. See this changing and expanding list for an idea of where we get our products.

Freshly Milled Flour

Blair and Andrew of Elmore Mountain Bread have begun sharing their freshly milled flour with us to use in our pizza! It has amazing flavor, better performance qualities (which means longer fermentation times), increased nutrition (by minimizing oxidation) and an opportunity to work more closely with an awesome pair of bakers. Check out these pictures of their mill under construction and our dough proofing!

About Us

So you're probably wondering who we are and what we're doing here with the combination pizza hut and farm village. An erudite observer reminds us; the glaciers are melting, giant sheets of ice with memories from before we took up the plow are calving into the sea. It's also important to walk in the woods and laugh with friends, these things create joy and community in a world of increased alienation.

So that's a little bit more context to help you with your catering decision. We burn diesel because we can, it sounds nice and its more efficient than gasoline, they say. We also burn wood because its available, smells nice, and generates the dry radiant heat we are after.

We are also a cooperative. First de facto and increasingly de juro. We use consensus to make decisions and divide the profits according to our labors (as Henry George elucidated in 1879, all profit comes from labor transforming natural resources with or without the aid of capital). We know that the hard work necessary to work and live together tastes sweeter than AAPL. Check out these sweet easter eggs too.

Here's a few pictures of our friends working at events and at the farmers market over the years.