Conviviality meets great taste...

Imagine your closest friends and family gathering near a wood-fired oven. Warmth emanates from the glowing hearth. You hear the crackling sound of burning wood, and smell the aromas of browning dough and melting cheese. Laughter and full bellies are sure to follow...

Woodbelly offers two types of catering experiences. For those seeking something casual, we have a basic service, which includes pizzas with creative toppings from our farm and beyond, served alongside a seasonally appropriate salad. 

Desire a more sumptuous dining experience? Select appetizers, side dishes and desserts from our catering menu and help shape a menu in a conversation about the best produce and other local farm products available at the time of your event.

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Made with naturally leavened, hand-mixed dough, and cooked on an 800+ degree hearth, our pizza aims for transcendence. The crust has just the right balance of tangy sourdough and sweet freshly ground wheat from the champlain valley. Fermented over two days for maximum flavor and nutrition it forms the base of all our pizzas.

Veggies from our farm (and others), luscious cheeses (from Cabot, Sweet Rowen, Sage Hill and Willow Moon) and organic meats are prepared for maximum flavor and support the emerging resilient Vermont economy. Throughout the season we are selecting the best produce and experimenting with creative approaches and refining time honored classics. 

Our food philosophy revolves around wholesome ingredients that nourish the people that grow them, the land they draw from and the friends that eat them. We see food as medicine and a powerful tool for health and wellness both in body and mind.

We use freshly milled wheat flour from Elmore Mountain Bakery in all our dough! It is more nutritious and tasty.

We use freshly milled wheat flour from Elmore Mountain Bakery in all our dough! It is more nutritious and tasty.


Flowers, Wild and Cultivated

Dawn Andrews cultivates and harvests flowers throughout the season to add to our salads and create the beautiful arrangements that grace our serving tables. If you would like to add flowers to your order, please let us know and we will put you in touch with her.